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Aleona Isakova

Professor of Fashion Design at Liberty University (USA), Aleona Isakova is an artist and the author of five books. From 1991 to 2005, she served as the Art Director of Favore Fashion House in Europe, where she designed haute couture collections that received international acclaim. Prince Charles, now King of the United Kingdom, referred to Aleona Isakova's show in Cardiff as "A Blessing for the Welsh Nation.”


Her exhibitions have been held in prestigious locations including the Citadel in Jerusalem, the Welsh Parliament, the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, Fashion Week Propeller in Sydney, Yusupovsky Palace in Saint Petersburg, in Washington DC on the National Prayer Breakfast with USA President, and in Regent Hall on Oxford Street in London. UK.


Seventy-five of Aleona's illustrations were exhibited at the Evergreen Museum and Library, Johns Hopkins University. In June 2024, Aleona had a solo exhibition at the famous Hotel Reali in Venice, Italy. In 2022, Aleona Isakova donated 54 of her haute couture gowns to Liberty University, where her designs and paintings are now permanently displayed.

Abstractionism sounds brighter than any words and speaks directly to the heart of the viewer. Aleona Isakova


I was born in the high mountains in the ancient Georgian city of Tbilisi, and started drawing as a little girl.  I spent hours looking at the spider web like fine cracks in the ceiling of my tiny bedroom. In my mind I would make these cracks into images of mountains, outlandish animals, and other images as one does when viewing the clouds in the sky.  I brought these images to life using a large box of colored pencils on plain white parchments.  These images I captured on paper soon gained the interest of my family and friends.  At the age of 4 I had one of my drawings published in a local newspaper and by the age of 14 had my first solo exhibition.

I studied painting in the studio of Janis Simson, a renowned artist in Latvia.  There I studied and painted side by side with the great Artist for two years.

By the age of 25 I already had 15 solo exhibitions.  My work was gaining recognition but I still had to contend with the prejudiced  art critics who, because I was a woman, referred to my work as “too feminines’s” and was deemed second rate art.

I then turned to expressing my art through the more accepted area of fashion and design and built a successful company catering to woman all over the world.  Although I used my talents to design high fashion for 20 years, my passion for painting never ended and in 2010 I left my oppressive country and moved to the United States to be free to express and focus on my first love - abstract art.

I obtained my US Citizenship through the EB1-1 Visa, also referred to as the Einstein Visa.  This Visa is given to foreign nationals who demonstrate extraordinary ability in their field and show evidence of “sustained national or international acclaim” and in this case recognized me as an extraordinary artist


My art is inspired by the American artist Georgia O’Keeffe, the mother of American modernism, whose art from the 1920’s depicted desolate landscapes and have become part of the American artistic treasure. I do not paint the landscape or the flower itself, but the feeling of space and the essence of the sky, mountains, ocean, hills, flowers and plants. My paintings are filled with positive energy and joy.


My art has been successfully exhibited in galleries and shows throughout the world as well as locations in the U.S. including: Art Market Hamptons, The Bridgehampton Museum, Bridgehampton, New York (2019), and Art Basel Miami Week, Red Dot Contemporary Art Show Wynwood (2018).

In 2012 I had a solo exhibition in the Evergreen Museum and Library, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD where 75 pieces of my artworks were displayed  for 3 months.


I am infinitely happy when I create my paintings, dancing with brushes in my hands and splashing  colors on the canvas my admiration for the beauty of this wonderful world, I share the joy that fills my heart when I see a child's smile, the sunrise and the sky line of the blue Appalachian mountains seen through my windows . My paintings are filled with gratitude for this incredibly beautiful Planet.

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